Junction Box Installation

Electrical Junction Box or Connector Box Installation and Replacement in London

Is your electrical junction box showing signs of wear and tear? Look no further than the Commercial Electrician for all your electrical needs. Whether you require a commercial electrician in London to install new or replace an old connector box, install new indoor lights, or extend wiring for additional lights, our NICEICcertified electricians are here to lend a helping hand. Junction boxes and electrical boxes play a crucial role in safeguarding the junction of multiple electrical wires from accidental damage, containing heat from loose connections or short circuits, and serving as vital connection centers for these wires.

Our Electrical Junction Box Installation & Wiring Services

Junction Box Replacement

If you need to replace a junction box or any other type of electrical service, simply give our team a call at 020 7183 2293 or request a quote through our convenient online booking form.

Circuit Extensions and Repairs

Our skilled electricians can expertly connect electrical sockets to circuits, to extend lighting after adding lighting points, and even use junction boxes for repairing damaged electrical wires.

Safety and Expertise

While block connectors have their uses, we recommend junction boxes for enhanced safety, as they leave no electrical wires exposed, reducing potential hazards.

Versatile Solutions

We offer replacements and installations for various types of electrical boxes, including connector boxes, waterproof junction box connectors, wall junction boxes, and lighting junction boxes. We can even install new junction boxes for extra electrical outlets or ceiling fans.

Our Additional Electrical Services

Apart from junction box-related services, our London electricians are skilled in various electrical tasks, such as wiring plugs, replacing extractor fans, changing light switches, installing new plug sockets, hiding wires on walls, adding 2-way switches, rewiring houses, conducting PAT tests, and performing electrical installation condition reports.

At Commercial Electrician London, Our certified electrician pride ourselves on offering a diverse range of services, including IT Networking, PAT testing, CCTV Installation, junction box wiring, commercial indoor lighting, Commercial internet networking and fault finding and many more. Our team of experts can handle a wide array of jobs, such as installing intercom, rewiring factories electrical system, replacing connector boxes, fixing fuse box units, installing new switch boards, and assembling new internetcabling.

Request a Free Quote

Don’t hesitate to reach out for a free quote today! Fill out our user-friendly online form or give us a call at 020 7183 2293 to schedule an appointment with our skilled electricians and professionals for all your electrical and handyman needs. Upgrade your outdoor electrical box with the Commercial Electrician team forreliable and efficient services.

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