Commercial CCTV Instalation

Professional CCTV Security Camera Installation in London, UK

Secure Your Business with Our Cutting-Edge Commercial CCTV Solutions at cost effective prices in the London, UK. Commercial Electrician London is a leading name in the professional commercial security camera installation industry. It is important for you to safeguard your business and employees.

This is the reason we offer cutting-edge CCTV London systems tailored to meet your specific security needs. We are committed to delivering superior security solutions to businesses.

Why Should You Install CCTV on Your Commercial Space?

As a leading provider of commercial CCTV solutions, we believe in empowering businesses with advanced security measures that deliver benefits. Here is why investing in CCTV for your commercial property is a wise decision:

Our Company Featured Security Camera installation Service for home and Commercial Buildings

Temporary CCTV Tower

Our Temporary CCTV Towers provide reliable security solutions for short-term surveillance needs. Whether you require monitoring at construction sites, or outdoor events, our CCTV towers offer high-quality video monitoring to keep your assets protected at all times.

Temporary CCTV

Our Temporary CCTV solutions offer a quick and effective way to enhance security in various temporary settings. Whether it is for construction sites, festivals, or short-term projects, our portable CCTV systems deliver real-time monitoring and deter potential security threats. This provides you with the assurance you need during critical times.

Hardwired/Fixed CCTV: Permanent Fixed CCTV

Our Hardwired/Fixed CCTV solutions provide a robust security infrastructure for long-term surveillance needs. With professionally installed surveillance cameras London and a stable hardwired connection, you can count on continuous monitoring and high-quality video footage. This helps you to protect your business premises, assets, and personnel day and night.

Industrial CCTV

Our Industrial CCTV solutions are designed to meet the unique security challenges of industrial environments. With rugged and weather-resistant cameras, advanced monitoring capabilities, and integration with existing industrial systems, our security camera installation London solutions ensure comprehensive coverage and enhanced safety for your industrial facility.

Analogue CCTV

Discover cost-effective surveillance with our Analogue CCTV systems. Perfect for small to medium-sized businesses, these cameras deliver reliable monitoring and clear video quality. This makes them an excellent choice for enhancing security on a budget. Why wait? Upgrade your surveillance capabilities with our Analogue CCTV solutions today.


Experience cutting-edge video surveillance with our IP CCTV systems. Offering high-definition image quality, remote access, and easy scalability, our IP-based cameras provide advanced security solutions for businesses seeking top-notch performance.

Construction Site CCTV

Protect your construction site with our specialized Construction Site CCTV solutions. With robust cameras, real-time monitoring, and anti-vandal features, our systems provide round-the-clock surveillance to safeguard your valuable assets and equipment from theft and unauthorized access.


Experience the power of automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) with our advanced ANPR CCTV solutions. Ideal for parking management, access control, and law enforcement, our ANPR cameras provide accurate and efficient vehicle tracking. This enhances security and streamlining operations.

NSI Gold Monitoring

As a proud CCTV company in London, we offer top-tier security monitoring services that meet the highest industry standards. By using our quality monitoring systems, we ensure rapid response times.

CCTV Maintenance

Ensure the longevity and efficiency of your CCTV system with our comprehensive CCTV maintenance services. Our expert technicians will conduct regular inspections, perform necessary upgrades, and address any potential issues regarding business or home CCTV London. This guarantees that your surveillance system remains in optimal working condition, providing continuous protection for your premises.

FAQs on Commercial CCTV Instalation

The most suitable CCTV system depends on your specific security requirements and the size of your premises. Our experts will conduct a thorough assessment. After that they will recommend a tailored solution that best fits your needs.

Our advanced CCTV systems offer remote access. You can have access to live or recorded footage from any device. Thus, you can monitor in real time even while you are not present.

The retention period for CCTV footage varies depending on your preferences and legal requirements. We can configure the system to store footage for a specific duration, and we offer options for cloud storage as well.

Yes, we provide comprehensive maintenance packages to keep your CCTV system operating optimally. We are available 24/7 and can help you address your issues promptly.

We can assess your current CCTV setup and offer upgrades to improve its performance and capabilities. Whether it is adding more cameras or integrating new features, we have you covered.

We strictly adhere to privacy regulations and guidelines. Our CCTV solutions are designed to balance security needs while respecting the privacy of individuals within your premises.

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