How much do electricians charge?

Most electricians charge for their services in three ways – per day, per hour and a set price for a specific task.

Many electricians charge £110 per hour and £600 – £800 per day, while emergency electrical services can cost as high as £180 per hour. The set price for some electrical work varies from £200 for EICR to £600 for replacing a consumer unit, and a house rewiring can cost up to £4000.

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What is an electrician’s hourly rate?

An electrician may charge you a fixed fee for a job or an hourly rate which covers any work done within that time.

Most electricians prefer charging for a specific job, but knowing the hourly rate gives you an idea of what to expect. In the UK, the average hourly rate for a cheap electrician in London is £90. This may be higher or lower in different parts of the UK. Southeast and London usually have the highest hourly rates.

Daily rate for electricians

If the electrical work likely takes a full day’s work or more, the electrician may prefer charging daily at £600 or £800. The first hour will likely be more expensive due to travel time and taxes.

Emergency electrician rate

Certain situations that need an electrician at short notice or out-of-work hours, like during holidays or late at night, can arise.

You will have to pay for an emergency electrician when these emergencies occur. The first hour will usually cost higher than the standard fee, sometimes double the cost – £180.

Cost of EICR and house rewiring

Maintaining your electrical system is important to keep you and your family safe. Getting the best electrician in London with experience is important if you need repairs or an upgrade. Electricians usually charge £200 for an EICR certificate and £4000 for rewiring a house.

Cost of common electrical jobs

Experienced electricians can carry out certain electrical jobs. These jobs are common, and because they are usually straightforward, electricians know how long they need to complete the job and their charge.

The most common electrical jobs and their costs include:

Cost of electrical light fitting

Changing electrical light fitting is a quick job which rarely takes over an hour. It costs about £140 or the standard hourly rate plus the cost of the new light fitting.

Cost of consumer unit

The consumer unit, usually called the fuse box, controls the electricity flow around the house. Replacing a fuse box costs about £600 - £1250. This usually takes a day.

Cost of electric shower installation

Installing an electric shower can also take a day, costing between £700 - £900. You may also need a plumber for the installation.

Cost of electric cooker installation

If the power is already running, an electric cooker installation is a relatively small job. It costs about £120 - £180, excluding the cost of the oven.

Cost of electrical socket installation

A double power socket installation costs about £120 - £150. Installing an outdoor socket has a similar cost.

Cost of electrical survey

The cost of an electrical inspection depends on the property’s size and the number of circuits and rooms requiring inspection. The price starts at £120 - £220 and may go as high as £300.

Any electrical work must follow the Part P regulations of building standards. This means a building inspector much check the work, or it must be completed by a registered electrician listed on the Competent Person’s Scheme who can self-certify their work.

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