A guide on electrician hourly rate

Electricity has become an integral part of our daily lives. We need electricity for different things, from entertainment, such as TVs and radios, to critical functions like security and medical care. In our homes, we always use electricity, so having an electrician is essential when anything goes wrong.

Like other services, the cost of electrical work is a primary concern for many people when hiring an electrician. At Electrical Works London, our electrician rates are affordable, and we deliver quick and exceptional services.

If you’re concerned about the cost of hiring an emergency electrician in my area, the information below on the cost of different electrical jobs, from rewiring a house to checking the safety of the existing wiring, conducting Electrical Inspection Condition Reports (EICR) and installing new electrical connections will give you an idea of the cost.

How much is an electrician's hourly rate?

This table shows the average cost of hiring an electrician

Electrician rates Average cost
Electrician hourly rate
Electrician daily cost
Emergency electrician's hourly rate

Most simple electrical jobs take less than one day, so most electricians charge hourly for their services. Ensure you check if the electrician includes a call-out charge or has a minimum charge per job. Generally, the hourly rate for electricians is between £110 – £180.

What is the hourly rate for electricians in London?

You should expect to pay about £110 per hour for an electrician in London. But, some electricians in London can charge up to £180 in these situations.

Common electrical issues

Electricians can help with several issues in your home. If you are unsure if our electrician can carry out a job in your home, you can call us for more information. The most common electrical issues include:

Installing new wiring

Electricians can handle small jobs like fitting a new socket in your home and large projects such as wiring a new extension.


If an electrical item stops working or gets damaged, you can call an electrician for a quick fix instead of throwing it away. The electrician can often rewire the item and get it working, saving you the cost of buying a new one.


If electronics are damaged, repairing them quickly is important to prevent accidents.

Industrial businesses

Electricians can also carry out large-scale industrial electrical jobs.


Preventive electrical work is a good decision. This involves regular checks on electrics in your home to ensure they are safe. After the inspection, the electrician can issue a certificate confirming that the home complies with regulations.

Factors that determine an electrician's rate

Estimating the hourly rate of an electrician may be difficult due to different factors that affect the overall cost. The following are some factors that affect an electrician’s cost.

The type of job

All jobs need different materials and have varying difficulty levels and labour times, contributing to the overall cost. For example, fitting a new plug socket will cost less than wiring an extension. Specialist work may incur a higher hourly rate.

Condition and age

Most older electronics need parts that are more difficult to source and cost more than newer, more common items. If your electrics aren't in good condition, the job may be more complex, increasing the electrician's charge.


More difficult jobs will take a longer time, leading to higher costs.


If the electrical work involves accessing hard-to-reach areas, it increases the cost of the job.


Your location may also determine the cost of the electrician's service. For example, in London, electricians charge higher per hour.

Cost summary for electrical work

Cost per job Cost excluding VAT Average cost
Electrical safety certificates
£140 (one bedroom)
£280 and above
(five bedrooms)
Socket installation
£100 - £120
£20 - £30
Shower installation
£450 - £550
£280 - £325
Replacing a fuse box
£450 - £800
£150 - £450

Electrical safety

An electrical safety certificate may not be essential, but it proves that your electrics and home are up to standard. We recommend an electrical safety check at least every ten years. This service cost about £140.00 for 1-bedroom properties.

Common electrician costs

These costs do not include touch-ups on the job, repainting, plastering and patch repair.

Electrician daily cost

If the job takes longer than one day, electricians often switch from hourly to daily rates. However, the electrician can provide you with a quote for the job instead of this duration.

You may save money if you get an upfront quote and the job extends longer than expected. But, if the job takes less than the planned time, an upfront quote may mean missing out on saving.

On average, an electrician’s cost per day is £700. This rate is based on six hours charged at £110 per hour plus the call-out charge.

Electrician cost calculator

You need to consider some factors, such as the project’s size and type of work, to calculate the cost of hiring an electrician. Most electricians bill per hour, so it is easier to calculate their cost by checking how long the work will take.

You can contact us to know the accurate cost of the electrical work you want to carry out

Electrician quote

You can get quotes from different electricians to compare the cost of their services before deciding. Call Electrical Works London to request a quote.

What is an emergency electrician's cost?

Emergency electricians are available outside regular work hours. You can contact an emergency electrician at night, on weekends and on holidays. If you want to hire an emergency electrician outside the regular working hours, the hourly rate is between £140 – £180 depending on the access to the property. Ensure you also confirm if the electrician will include a call-out charge.

If you’re considering completing electrical work yourself due to the cost, it may be a bad idea. Most electrical work requires a level of expertise and may be dangerous to an unskilled person. Hiring a registered electrician is best for your safety.

Electrical Works London has registered and experienced electricians, and you can call us to book online an emergency electrician in my area. You can also call us for information on the cost of some electrical work.

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